The KISS Networks Story

Matt Beck and Dan Canfield officially started KISS Networks in early 2002 to fill a need they had seen amongst friends and professional associates for a customer oriented, no-nonsense IT provider. They had been helping out people for several years with “computer problems” and had noticed that a large number of outsourced IT providers were just plain flakey. They often heard “When we call our computer guy for help we don’t know if he’ll show up in an hour or in 2 days”.

So Matt and Dan decided to start their company with one guiding principle, “We always communicate completely with the customer”. Matt and Dan put their combined knowledge in computer based video surveillance, desktop and server computers, networking infrastructure and information technology together to form a company to offer small businesses access to the latest technologies in the simplest and most efficient way.

KISS Networks has now been in business for over 9 years providing its clients with simple and effective solutions which allow them to concentrate on their business instead of worrying about their computers, network or surveillance systems. Technology is necessary and can be of great help to a business, but Keeping It Simple is key in its effective use.

Since 2002 KISS Networks has evolved from a small “systems support” company to a full line small business IT outsourcer and surveillance system integrator. Matt and Dan keep up on the latest technologies so that their customers can benefit from the latest solutions to today’s business needs.

KISS Networks has also become a leader along the Wasatch Front in surveillance system design and build-out and are currently one of the preferred providers for the State of Utah. Its clients range from small insurance agent offices to retail locations to law offices and shipping companies. Matt’s and Dan’s combined 40+ years of experience in the IT industry allow their clients access to expert level knowledge that they otherwise couldn’t afford.