computer_frustration1Are you tired of calling your IT contact and then waiting and waiting for them to show up, while your system is down. KISS Networks takes pride in showing up when we say we will be there and solving your problem in a speedy manner.

We will perform a PC tune-up on your computer as needed, as well as make sure you have the current service packs and patches to keep your system healthy

We monitor several aspects of your server environment to maximize performance and accurately project future needs. The monitoring allows us to make needed changes to optimize the performance of your servers and reduce the risk of downtime.

worker_happy_on_computerThe network is the core of your computing environment and arguably the most critical component. We proactively monitor the health of your network to improve adherence to corporate policies, network performance, and security.

Wireless networks can create an additional security risk if not configured and managed properly. This service improves the security of your network and is particularly helpful in industries such as health care and insurance that have additional requirements

We install remote agents on each computer and server, so we can assist in solving issues a lot of the times without even having to come to your office.

Email and phone support with quick response time.

Disposing of old equipment, we ensure that all data is removed and can't be retrieved before we recycle it.