Watch over your home, business or cabin while you are away

  • 24/7 Motion detected video recording
  • View Real-Time video via your iPhone or other Smart phone or Computer
  • 24/7 Motion-Deteced video recording
  • Over one month of video storage with every system
  • Download, Save and share video
Watch on Web Surveillance giving you access to your most important assets at all times…
  • High Quality color and night-time viewing cameras
  • Remote playback of recorded video
  • Personalized Web access to your cameras i.e.
  • Professional installation included
  • Full-system warranty
  • 4/8/16 camera systems
  • Additional configurations available

Do you own a home, business, or cabin that you would like to keep an eye on when you’re not there? Maybe you would just like to check on your property each day. With WOW you can do just that.
You can view live video or recorded video any time you would like and from anywhere in the world via your iPhone or other Smart Phone or Web Browser.

All video is stored at the computer on site, that video can easily be transferred to the computer that you are viewing the video from with a click of a button, so you don't ever have to go to the site to get the video that has been recorded.

Our WOW systems have been installed in: Car Dealerships, Dentist offices, Car Yards, Apartments, Auto Repair shops, Retail Tire Stores, Home businesses, Farms, School Districts, Livestock barns and Homes.

Within a couple of weeks of installing systems in the Big-O Tire Stores in Orem, Utah, they were able to use video in several different incidents to obtain plate numbers that allowed the police to make arrests and recover merchandise that had been stolen. Your ROI (Return on Investment) is very quick when you can see what is going on 24x7 in your home or business.

Systems can range from 1-16 cameras and larger systems can be designed.